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100€ lingerie giveaway by Garterblog & Lily Blossom (Closed)

Dear friends, I am pleased to announce the start of the first  Garterblog giveaway, which takes place simultaneously in two languages: Russian and English. It is dedicated to the spring, beauty, flourishing life coming after a long winter, to the first sun light and all of the girls. You’re Beautiful! And in spring every beautiful girl deserves a good shopping and  the best lingerie that can only be imagined.

And so, Garterblog together with one of the best online lingerie shop Lily Blossom are giving away a 100€ voucher, which you can spend on lingerie or any other boudoir things from this shop.

🎁 Дарим гайд «10 роскошных брендов домашней одежды» за подписку на наш телеграм-канал Probra 🤌 Присоединиться

The rules are very simple

  1. From Februeary 16 to March 8 find photos with #LilyBlossomGiveaway hashtag in Garterblog social accounts
  2. Like it, share it, make repost, regram or retweet
  3. More actions you do, more chances to win

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Within three weeks (from the February 16  to March 8) from time to time I’ll be posting  lingerie items from Lily Blossom shop in Garterblog social accounts: instagram, twitter, facebook. My favourite pieces of course :)

Once you see a picture with the #LilyBlossomGiveaway hashtag, like it, share it, make repost, regram or retweet depending on the network where you see it.

Each action will be added to a special table, from which a winner will be chosen at the end of the giveaway. The winner will be randomly selected. That is, the more activities you do, the better your chances are (according to the theory of probability).

Remember, your profile should be open before the end of the giveaway, otherwise we will not see your reposts and other activities!

Giveaway duration

From Februeary 16, 2015 to March 8, 2015.

Winner announcement

The winner will be announced on March 10, 2015 directly in the blog and in the blog’s social accounts.


The prize is a 100€ voucher, that you can use in one of the best lingerie shops in Europe Lily Blossom. Delivery of prize is free.

Intimate Pleasure 100   LilyBlossom


What can be selected on 100 €?

In fact, not only lingerie. You can choose some stuff for pleasure, accessories, aromatic stuff, bondage, jewelry – in short everything that creates the boudoir mood and atmosphere.

But as my blog is about lingerie, let’s talk about it, the rest you can see by yourself :)

And much much more you can find in the shop.
Please, visit

By entering the giveaway you agree to its terms.
There is no geographic limitations for you to participate.

Good Luck!

UPD: The winner is Alyona Davydova! Congratulations!

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