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Almost Famous by Made by Niki lingerie review

This is a story about how I’ve finally got one of the most desired things in my lingerie wardrobe and about how to save over € 180 when purchasing underwear.

Lingerie from Made by Niki was my long standing dream . Their Capillaries and Membranes collections excite my imagination from the very moment of their release. And I’m happy to see that popular models recur in new collections and in new colors. That’s how I have obtained my precious – the adorable Membranes, reincarnated into the black Almost Famous.

Слева — Memranes, справа — Almost Famous

Membranes set on the left picture, Almost Famous set on the right picture

You know, Christmas time is the time when dreams come true, both for bad girls and for good ones. It’s just the presents that differ. Also that’s the time of crazy sales, which I took full advantage of. Pleasurements, an online store from Netherlands, reduced the price so much that I could not resist. The sum I managed to save was over € 180! And even taking into account the shipping, that cost me € 30, it was a good, very good deal.

I placed the order and the hardest part – waiting for delivery – began. The store handled it perfectly: my order was processed on the same day, it was delivered in 4 days (because of Christmas sales) and in 10 days it passed the customs in Moscow. When I received the parcel, I understood that it was the most beautiful package for lingerie I’ve ever seen.

garterblog pleasurements pack

Package, that told me a wisdom – love isn’t blind.

garterblog made by niki review

Usual price of this bra is €169, and usual price of this brief is €79.

On the picture above you’ve seen what the set looks like on a model from Pleasurements store. For better understanding of what the bra looks like here is a special picture of it.

By the way, on Made by Niki site this set, as well as many others, are on sale right now, and the discounts are pretty big

34B size (European 75B) fits perfectly. That’s exactly the size I always buy. The bra is lovely and feels very comfortable, and despite of its translucency it perfectly supports the breast by means of underwires and inner parts of the cups.

garterblog inner side of almost famous bra

Here you can see the inner part of the cup that provides support to breast

As for the bottom, I took Medium size panties because my size was out of stock. They match UK12 size and, of course, are a bit loose for me. But I knew I was taking not my size. Don’t ask me why I did it. :)

Clasps used by Made by Niki worth a separate story. Almost Famous set is equipped – no, it is decorated with embossed front opening (!) gold clasps with the brand name etched.


I’m going to make a photo review the other day and post it as a new separate article here.

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