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Where Sophistication Lives. Anya Lust Lingerie Store Review

Anya Lust boutique review on GB

Our dive into the ocean of temptation and exquisite lingerie continues as we take another close look at the pieces that evoke passion and desire, while fulfilling our need to indulge in beautiful collections.

When I imagine shopping online for intimate items, I aspire to go beyond the usual bounds and I forget about the limits. In an online store you can be the only customer, who is not questioned or disturbed unless you ask. That’s where you can really enjoy your shopping at its greatest.

My list of stores has recently updated — meet the new online boutique Anya Lust, which lays a special emphasis on setting the mood.

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When you access the online boutique, the first thing you see is a cozy but audacious video with girls who have already allowed themselves the luxury of amazing lingerie and are inviting you to join.

Luxury Lingerie

For the sophisticated consumers of ritzy lingerie, as well as for those who are just starting (lucky you!), the basic criteria of store selection is nothing but your own taste. So when you find places that meet your personal definition of good style, you feel pure happiness, because you definitely know that here all you wishes will be carried out.

In Anya Lust I’ve met the designers I often write about: Fleur of England, Tatu Couture, Shell Belle Couture. I’ve also found the ones I don’t mention that much despite the fact that I admire their designs: Belle Et BonBon, Almeida London and Sonata Rapalyte. And, I’ve rediscovered a few more: Silk Laundry, focused on lovely silk items, and On The Inside with their girlish tender lace bralettes and briefs.

Maestro of silk and lace in classic boudoir shades, Fleur of England designs are introduced at Anya Lust as Alexa Black and Amalia Champagne in the winter collections. The unique, beautiful embroidered pattern on the backside of the panties is showcased throughout the Alexa Black and Amalia Champagne sets.

If you love elegant bodysuits, that heat the imagination with unveiling shapes and translucency of lace, you’ve come to the right place. Consider delicate lace with small round buttons at the front from Sonata Rapalyte or the masterpiece by Tatu Couture, that cries for going out — Claire bodysuit. Or if you prefer a sequin piece, try Bedroom Starlet from Belle Et BonBon, which looks as if it were created for a girls night in.

Boudoir photo by Anya Lust online lingerie boutique

Boudoir photo by Anya Lust online lingerie boutique

And if you want to play and heighten the excitement, the amazing handcuff bra from Belle Et BonBon will come to the rescue.

Not just lingerie

In the accessories section Anna Dominoes runs the show. Her magnificent flower crowns stand for the feast of femininity, playfulness and ease.

anya lust anna dominoes flower crown

anya lust anna dominoes flower crown 3

anya lust anna dominoes flower crown 2


I would recommend starting your tour around the boutique by exploring What’s New or Shop All to see the full range. In the left part of the site you’ll find filter by brands and various sorting options by lingerie types and categories (holiday gifts, accessories, panties, bras, garter belts, bridal, etc.).

Generally I like these filters, but since this boutique has just opened, I’d prefer to wander around and see the items specially selected for the store opening. There is something romantic in being the customer in the very first season of a new store, evaluate its style and choice, and then monitor its further development.


All the prices are set in US dollars, but you can switch the currency to € or British £. To do that click on the $ symbol in the top right corner of the site and select the desired currency.


The store resides in the USA. Delivery cost for all orders is calculated according to UPS rates. Standard shipping for orders over $400 in the US is free of charge.

The store also ships worldwide and provides complimentary standard shipping for orders over $400. Tracking and insurance are provided for all orders.


Bra sizes are specified according to the US sizing system (for example, 34B). Panties, garter belts, gowns sizes are set as Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. Size details are available on every product page and are displayed by clicking on Size Guide link.

The core benefits of online shopping are not just time saving and the cozy feeling of complete privacy. And what’s even more important is the attention of a helpful sales assistant who will turn to you only when you want it. If you have any questions or seek personal shopping services, feel free to contact the store staff by email at or call +1 (646) 480-0590. You are sure to get help and advice.

Boudoir photo by Anya Lust online lingerie boutique

When we buy online we save much time, yet we expect the full range of emotions and joy of shopping. That is why, besides the convenience of a store, I specially appreciate its particular air of privacy, aesthetics and coziness. It’s so hard to create online, but when one succeeds, I always want to be back.

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