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Bordelle, SS15: straps, cabaret, Paris of 20ies

Brand, that turned straps in lingerie into a special aesthetic cult, has released its new Spring-Summer 15 collection. This time Bordelle has added some bright colors to the strict colors of classic seduction, and at the same time fully adheres to its own style. It still keeps its refined spirit of keen desire, aimed at a mature consumer – mature in questions of fashion, style, life and the art of pleasure.

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Bordelle ss 15

The inspiration for this collection is clearly drawn from Paris of 20ies with its cabarets, fests and leggy showgirls, (as their diary says).

bordelle inspiration

The muse of the collection creators was Alice Prin, an artist’s model and showgirl also know as the Queen of Montparnasse or Kiki de Mintparnasse. Her fabulously debauched and independent lifestyle was astonishing for her time. Kiki was illegitimate child, and that has probably affected all her life — she rebelled and was not scared of “falling down”, she lived the way she wanted and enjoyed it, paying no attention to the puritan morality of those days. She was posing nude for surrealists and artists of Paris school, being a love-mate to many of them.

Bordelle has channeled her style, spirit and impudence into the collection’s key looks: the Cabaret Harness, which can be worn alone in the boudoir, or layered over evening looks (if you dare to); and the Vedette Dress with its seductive and imperious straps.

*Cabaret Harness is on the cover, the Vedette Dress is on the photo below.

Bordelle ss15 18 Bordelle ss15 1 Bordelle ss15 3 Bordelle ss15 4 Bordelle ss15 5 Bordelle ss15 6 Bordelle ss15 7 Bordelle ss15 8 Bordelle ss15 10 Bordelle ss15 11 Bordelle ss15 12 Bordelle ss15 13 Bordelle ss15 14 Bordelle ss15 15 Bordelle ss15 16 Bordelle ss15 17

New collection availiable on the Bordelle site.

Also availiable on Lily Blossom. By the way, you can find here good discounts on Bordelle items from previous collections.

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