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Фото от Ирины Амосовой. Модель – Татьяна Койчева для журнала Все права защищены.

Winter Warmness

In winter, more than ever you want warmth and love. This photoshoot was almost spontaneous, but it became an approximation of the last words from the first sentence thanks to one good and talented person. Irina, hi! Suddenly I did not want to tell you about the nipple covers. I will do this in a […]

Будуарный стиль в японских стрит-стайл образах. Автор фото – Юля Лисица

Lingerie As Outerwear: Tokyo Streetstyle Outfits

Yulia Lisitsa, streetstyle photographer and author of the PeonyMagazine, shoots interestingly dressed people on the Tokyo streets. In the magazine’s archives, we selected photographs that are somehow related to lingerie and to desire to add to the everyday outfits some boudoir elements such as unusual chokers, lace robes, transparent dresses,  harnesses and satin underwear tops. 

Lingerie photoshooting in Bangkok by Aaron Joel Santos, model Tanya Koycheva from

Travel Girl

Warm bustling Bangkok won my heart from the first day of my travel. Real concrete jungle. On the roofs and floors of the buildings I can see gardens of Eden in small here and there. And these sounds, the smells, the eternal summer the perpetual motion everywhere. Now and again I badly wanted the time […]

Фотообзор нижнего белья De L'air от Huit в журнале GB {}

The Morning Elegance

Waking up to the sunshine, that is persistently poking through the closed eyelids. Staying in bed, letting the bright sunbeams keep on waking you up. Putting on some colorful lingerie. Stealing your boyfriend’s jeans and wandering forth to the kitchen to make a cup of freshly ground flavor-rich coffee. Is there anything better? That’s my […]