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Lily Blossom: The review of one of the best luxurious lingerie stores

Today’s post will be devoted to the review of Lily Blossom store, that I’ve found and liked a few years ago due to their lingerie fashion show (watch it here).




The store resides in Madrid, the heart of Spain, and is saturated with the spirit of virtual boudoir space, where you can let your desires go and be as unreserved as possible. At the same time it can not escape out attention that the lingerie provided is really tastefully selected.

In Lily Blossom store you’ll find leather masks and harnesses from Fleet Ilya and delicate lingerie from Fleur of England, seductive straps from Bordelle and cute soft bras from Miss Crofton, hardcore leather accessories form Paul Sevile and Haute Couture corsets from Kunza Coresetorium. The provided range is so wide that it will definitely meet the requirements of all boudoir lovers of all kinds. And what will unite them all is the perfect style and positive experience of dealing with the store.

And even if you’ve heard about many designers represented there (Fleet Ilya, Fleur of England, La Perla, Something Wicked, Maison Close, Lascivious, Made by Niki, Mimi Holliday, Loveday London, Fred & Ginger), there are definitely ones I’ve not mentioned yet. It’s time I feel this gap and take a close look at them.

Stephanie Aman

Stephanie Aman is an English lingerie brand that extrapolates sensuality by means of most delicate translucent silk, handmade embroidery and special attention to details.

Due to the transparency and fluffy Chantilly lace all the Stephanie items look almost unsubstantial and light as a feather, as if they are made for fairies. As for me, my heart is enslaved by the purple robe. It looks like a gown for a girl who worships her body and wants to emphasize her adorable nudity with the help of this wrap.

Stephanie Aman at Lily Blossom

Kunza Corsetorium

Lily Blossom is particularly interested in corseterie and, of course, corset designers. Kunza Corsetorium produce not just corsets, but genuine works of art, sometimes in unique copies, and certainly they are made from best fabrics (preferably 100% pure silk). Kunza corsets can be worn as underwear, as well as be used as outer garment if you crave for some special spirit.

I believe the ladies, who like boudoir style, should try the second way of wearing corsets at least once.

Kunza Corsetorium at Lily Blossom

Paul Seville

Let’s move to accessories. Our virtual space of desires is not limited to lingerie, you know.

Paule Sevile is an Irish designer who works with leather and makes accessories, from corsets to masks, collars and handcuffs. For me Paul Sevile is Haute Couture of BDSM, designed for the expression of really strong emotions.

Paul Seville at Lily Blossom

Maya Hansen

Another master of corsets — Maya Hansen, Spanish brand founded in 2006 and ultimately focused on corsets. Inspired by 20th century corsets, Maya creates fabulous and sophisticated, but wearable and sexy models.

So if you have a lust for corsets, you’re most probably going to dream of this scarlet corset dress. Oh, isn’t it sumptuous!

Maya Hansen at Lily Blossom

Miss Crofton

Miss Crofton is a young and ambitious lingerie brand from England. Their models feature democracy and delicacy at the same time. They craft an image of an urban nymph, who often runs away from concrete jungle to rain forest (please pay attention to Velveteen set). I’m happy I’ve discovered them and will definitely write more about this brand!

Miss Crofton at Lily Blossom

Pleasant bonus

New subscribers to the store’s newsletters get 10% discount for their first purchase. The subscription option can be found in the bottom right corner of the site pages, it looks as follows:



Outletis the store category in which the brand-name lingerie can be purchased with 50%-70% discount.

For example, here you can buy Mimi Holliday bra for 16 € instead of 52 € or a top with suspenders from Made by Niki for 23 € instead of 77 €.

Find more

The best way of shopping in this category is setting the size filter to the left. This is how you can save some time and see the items in your size only.

This is how I set this filter:

LilyBlossom filters_edit

Please note that the sizes are provided in the most widely used charts: you’ll find European sizes along with the UK ones! That’s really convenient since you don’t have to convert the sizes on your own.

Have you heard of Lily Blossom before? What do you think about this store? If you have ever placed orders there, please share your experience! And I would be absolutely happy to hear your opinion on the lingerie covered in this article. Your comments are welcome!

Lily Blossom

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