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Lingerie As Outerwear: Isabel Kang Favourite Styles

Lingerie As Outerwear: Isabel Kang Favourite Styles
Redactor’s note: One thing that I love about instagram that it helps to find amazing people, inspirational personalities and great fashionistas. I was so happy to find Isabel’s account @bugglebells. And it was really hard to keep silenсe and not to shout out about her unique style before this publication. Here is her thoughts about lingerie styling, her favourite designers and lingerie as outerwear looks.

A lot of people see lingerie as inherently sexual. This makes sense, that’s often how it’s marketed. For some people, it’s why they wear lingerie. Young girls are often scolded for having visible bra straps, because it’s seen as inappropriate to have your underwear visible. I completely disagree with this premise. Lingerie is not inherently sexual to me, it’s just another clothing item that can be beautiful and add interest to an outfit.

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Although I’m not able to wear lingerie visible most of the time because of work, my favourite brands to wear when I do are definitely la fille d’O and Marieyat. I like that both la fille and Marieyat make extremely comfortable undies without being boring. For many years I just assumed that any bra would be uncomfortable and I would dread putting it on in the morning, but this is definitely not the case here.

One of the brands I admire most is Creepyyeha. Her designs are incredibly unique, and I love how she incorporates leather, metal, and vinyl to create really eye catching shapes.

Lingerie As Outerwear: Isabel Kang Favourite Styles

Hopefully someday I can be in a position in life where I can wear her pieces every day, but for now I’ll just dream about it!

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