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Guide for small bra cup sizes (from AAA to B) and/or narrow bands

We are all different, but each of us wants to look pretty and feel comfortable regardless of what we find on the shelves of the stores.

Below you will find the most prickly problems that the girls with petite sizes face, as well as the list of brands and stores that may help in your search for proper lingerie. Also at the end of the article there is detailed info on each brand.

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When speaking about small sizes I should say that generally most of brands have sizes from 32A to 36A (European sizes 70A-80A): Edge O’Beyond, Fleur of England, Myla, La Perla (up to 40A/ European 90A) and many others mentioned in my blog. So if your size is one of these, you have nothing to worry about and your choice is actually almost unlimited.

There is also a tremendous amount of soft wireless bras of XS or S size, that would most probably suit you. Just refer to the brand’s size chart to make sure you select the proper one.

However, sometimes standard sizes do not work, and that’s exactly what we’ll talk about in this post.

1. “My bra cups are A size and they’re too large for me”

Whatever size we wear, we very often select wrong cups sizes. For example, you are used to wearing A cup, but it may turn out so that AA cup fits you better. There also AAA cups exist. But it’s pertty hard to understand if you need to reduce the size you usually wear, since it is not that easy to find a bra with such cups.

If you wear A and feel a bit loose and not quite comfortable, there is a way out. Here is where you can buy smaller cups (AA or AAA):

  • Lula Lu Lingerie;
  • Bare Necessities;
  • Little Woman;
  • Itti Bitti Bra;
  • HerRoom.

2. “I have a narrow chest and can not find anything that fits my size”

The average minimal band size is 32 (European 70). No matter if your breasts are large or petite, it is quite a challenge to find lingerie for, let’s say, European 60-65, since the number of brands and models that deal with this size is extremely little.

But we have found them:

  • Little Bra Company (from 28A | European 60 A);
  • Aerie (from 30A | European 65 A);
  • Bare Necessities (from 30A);
  • HerRoom (from 30A).

3. “I have a wide chest and small breasts”

As a rule the band sizes end with 36 (80). Everything, that has a large band size, is considered to be for big breasts. But what if the breasts are petite?

And again here we are to help, since we have found rare sizes up to 46 AA-B (European 105 AA-B):

  • Itti Bitti Bra (to 46 AA-B);
  • Bare Necessities (to 40 AA-A |European 90 AA-A);
  • Little Woman (to 40 AAA-B);
  • HerRoom (to 40 AA-B).

There are special brands that focus on small sizes, each with its own approach and vision. You can find them below. Please pay particular attention to the sizes to see if this or that brand meets your requirements.

In this article you’ll find two types of sizes: European and UK. European 75B is equal to UK 34B. (To easily convert the sizes welcome to use this converter


Ysé is a French lingerie brand entirely dedicated to women with small bust. Their point is to give girls the feeling and perception of their naturalness and beauty. That is why you will not find mega push-ups from Ysé. All the items look feminine and highlight the natural elegance.

Sizes: from 80A to 95B. You can find out your size of bra on a special page.

Prices of bras are approximately from €33 to €62.


Little Bra Company

The brand was founded by Emily Lau in 2007 as a result of her own specific needs. TLBC is devoted to hard-to-find small cups and narrow bands. The band provides mostly push-up models. The store has customer reviews feature, that may help you to make a decision when it comes to purchase.

This is one of the unique places where women with smaller band and cups sizes can find what they need.

Sizes: 28-38A, 28-36B and 28-34C.

Prices of bras are from $54 to $74.

Little Bra Company


As stated above, it is hard to find not just a small cup, but the combination of a cup (petite or large) with narrow band. Here is where Aerie wins. Most of the models have customer reviews. There are sport bras of small sizes, lots of basic models, bras to wear with low neck garments and bras to wear with cutout back dresses.

Sizes start with 30 A-D (European 65 A-D), however one can also find a pretty rare 32DD (European 70 E) size here.


Lula Lu Lingerie

Lula Lu has really small cups, starting from AAA.

Sizes: 32AAA – 38AAA, 30AA to 38AA, 30A – 38A and 32B – 36B.

Prices are about $60 for a bra. They also have sales page, where you can find something discounted..

Lula Lu

Bare Necessities

Their strong points are good international shipping options for many destinations and vast variety of models. Prices can be seen in the selected currency, and the store also has customer reviews displayed.

Sies from 30A, 32 AA-A to 40 AA-A.

Bare Necessities

Little Woman

Little Women is a multi-brand store and a brand at the same time. They specialize in small and the smallest cups from B to AAA. If your band size is above average, you’re also in the right place.

Sizes: from 32 AAA-B to 40 AAA-B.

Магазин Little Woman

Itti Bitti Bra

The store collection is not that large — 19 models. But what makes them outstanding is their proprietary solution called Flatter Me Bras. These are basic bra models for girls with small cups sizes and wide chests. The sizes go from 40 AA, A, B to 46B. The bra prices are up to $62,50.

Flatter Me Bras Itti Bitti Bra


A rather large store, where you can find small sizes as well.

Sizes: from 28B, 30 A, 32 AA-B to 40 AA-B.


Other places to look for hard-to-find sizes:

Gap provides sized from 32A to 40A.

John Lewis has 28A – 38АА sizes.

Asos own brand produces bras from 30A | European 65A  (and they have a varied stock, by the way).

The positive reward that petite girls get for all the difficulties and hardships they face when searching for suitable bras is the fact that they actually can take the precious liberty of not wearing a bra. The amazing little things – silicone nude nipple pads – perfectly hide nipples, preventing them from exposure under thin clothes.

The cover is Yse brand photo.

If you have any questions or ideas, please share them in comments and I’ll do my best to update the post for you!

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