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Poppy dreams

Lou lingerie Folie Douce

From little up I love poppies for their rich color and neat shape. I have a fancy for them for the fairy memories of dangers a poppy field may be fraught with – memories shared by many, I’m sure. If you have ever read “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, you know what I mean. The perfect combination of beauty and risk of poppy field still blows my mind away.

And guess what? While looking through the new lingerie items I’ve suddenly bumped into a treasure from a French brand LOU Lingerie. I have discovered it in Journelle store, that I visit rather often because I share its tastes.

🎁 Дарим гайд «10 роскошных брендов домашней одежды» за подписку на наш телеграм-канал Probra 🤌 Присоединиться

Scarlet poppies are embroidered on the transparent white tulle to burst into their full blossom on girl’s body and to turn her into that very poppy field that drives everyone crazy. The noir contrast piping sets the limits to the allowed folie.

If French is not Greek to you, you’ll face no difficulties with purchasing the items from Folie Douce collection directly from the LOU brand website.


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