For lingerie brands who interested in russian lingerie market

Hi dear brand,

If you read this it probably means you want to be represented to the russian-speaking buyers.

Garterblog can help you with it in several ways.

  1. You could send your press-releases about featured collections, campaigns and sales, you want to be published in Garterblog, at email address:
  2. Also it could be some items, you want to be reviewed and represented for russian-speaking audience. Garterblog has a special category, with such reviews. Example. Also I’ll post info about such items on special russian shopaholic forums. If you want review of your item, just send it to Garterblog.
  3. And of course, Garterblog has advertise placement possibilities. Please email me on this point.

Audience Overview

Garterblog in particularly is one-year-old blog. This is audience overview since blog opening, to November 2012.

Audience Overview   Google Analytics

As you can see, since September Garterblog begins to grow rapidly and in November it did have about 5,000 views. Since September, the Garterblog audience started to grow to 70% in average at monthly basis.
At the moment Garterblog has about 200 visits in a day.

How GarterBlog can help you

First of all, you’ll see how your brand represented in Russia using different keywords (including your brand or shop name) in russian segment of Google —

If you have low meaning in russian search engines, its the first and main reason to try at least one of three steps published above.


For the instance, at the moment I trying to help with representation of Kriss Soonik lingerie brand in Russia (because I really love it).

And if you’ll search in ‘нижнее белье Kriss Soonik’ , the 6 of 10 results on the first page belongs to my arms and sites and communities where I’ve posted information about this brand.

нижнее белье kriss soonik   Поиск в Google

People who want to buy your production will get all necessary info in russian, about collections, sales and guides clearly explaining all steps of ‘how to buy in this online-shops’.

Please, contact me for all the questions you could have: And I’ll try to help you.

Sincerely yours,