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Fleur of England: Art of Seduction

Devil is in the detail, they say. Perfection is also in the detail: in composition, color, texture, design and spirit. I like the way lingerie brand Fleur of England interprets the perfect seduction.

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Their collection called Seduction makes you look into the translucency and guess what hides behind the opaque, it accentuates the white color with the help contrasting straight black lines. On the thin parts, that can be seen thought, the gently outlined flowers of Chantilly lace burst into their sensual blossom.

If you close your eyes, you can imagine how it feels when silk is flowing over your skin, how tenderly and slowly every button is unfastened, how the art of seductions is learnt…

fleur of england ss15 seduction 3 fleur of england ss15 seduction 4 fleur of england ss15 seduction 5 fleur of england ss15 seduction 6 fleur of england ss15 seduction 7

The collection is already available on the official site of the brand.

Which items from it you’d love to have in your lingerie wardrobe?

Fleur of England, Seduction

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