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Интервью с основательницами бренда Impish Lee. Кали и Ноэль рассказывают, как автоматизировали процесс создания уникального нижнего белья. Журнал GB {}

Interview with Impish Lee lingerie brand founders. Bringing individuality to the masses

How to make lingerie individual and special? How to provide every customer with exactly what she wants? And how to automate such lingerie production? These were the questions that Kali and Noelle, the founders of Impish Lee brand, were not going to shy away from. The girls changed the brand’s business model by launching Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. As a result they reached the desired financial goal with fund raising and re-started their own brand, automating the process of individual garments creation.

Now the lingerie buyers can in just a few steps choose lingerie and apparel models of interest on the website. They can also select the fabrics these items will be made from. It can be transparent mesh with lace, or velvet with lace, or just mesh — you’re welcome to combine them any way you like. And, of course, fabrics go in lots of colors besides traditional black and white: crimson, yellow, blue, green, red and many others.

Besides, Impish Lee brand provides incredibly wide size range, which the brands, that use the traditional business model, can hardly afford.

Interview with Impish Lee lingerie brand founders {}

I’ve interviewed Kali, one of the brand’s founders, to find out how the girls implement the new for the lingerie world customer interaction model, and how it all shakes out.
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Lingerie photoshooting in Bangkok by Aaron Joel Santos, model Tanya Koycheva from

Travel Girl

Warm bustling Bangkok won my heart from the first day of my travel. Real concrete jungle. On the roofs and floors of the buildings I can see gardens of Eden in small here and there. And these sounds, the smells, the eternal summer the perpetual motion everywhere.

Now and again I badly wanted the time to linger on, so that I could remember the moment. And this has turned out possible to make thanks to Aaron, the photographer we met here, and whom I was lucky to work with within the bounds of a creative project. There were no studio and scenery. We took the pictures right at the hotel where I was staying. Just the dim lights and the urbanistic pattern assembled from hundreds of air conditioners outside. Read More

Скидки на нижнее бельё Черной пятницы 2016

Black Friday 2016: Best Lingerie Sales

This year Black Friday sales for the lingerie fashionistas starts early. I see so many good deals, so many beautiful designs and up to 70% discounts.  I choose some on my taste. 

If you want to to please yourself with the brand lingerie at a friendly price – it’s time to prepare your credit cards. 25th November is the date.

! This post with 2016 Black Friday lingerie sales will be updating until Saturday.
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Корсеты и портупеи Agnieszka Osipa. Готическая сказка

Agnieszka Osipa corsets and harnesses. The Gothic Fairy tale

Fairy-tale motifs, luxury and gothic are the basic components of Agnieszka Osipa designs. It’s really hard to go past her corsets and harnesses. At the first glance you affects aesthetics and scale of the each idea. The enormous amount of work is embedded in each and every detail of her designs, to the people on the other side of the screen even for a few moments have breathless admiration. Read More

Составление будуарного гардероба в примерах от GB {}

How to Make Boudoir Wardrobe: Ready-Made Looks and Examples

Not long ago we’ve discussed how to build up boudoir lingerie wardrobe. I’ve demonstrated all the things you might need for that.

Today I’d like to provide a picture with the examples of lingerie looks based on that post.

As you can see, you can celebrate your beauty, style and sexuality with just as little as two sets of beautiful racy lingerie. And you don’t need lots of accessories for that – just the most basic and universal items. Read More

Фотообзор нижнего белья De L'air от Huit в журнале GB {}

The Morning Elegance

Waking up to the sunshine, that is persistently poking through the closed eyelids. Staying in bed, letting the bright sunbeams keep on waking you up. Putting on some colorful lingerie. Stealing your boyfriend’s jeans and wandering forth to the kitchen to make a cup of freshly ground flavor-rich coffee. Is there anything better?

That’s my vision of a perfect morning, that starts with the delight and sweets of life.

I’ve cocreated it together with the team of amazing guys, and with the help of a really bright and spring lingerie set. Enjoy the colors and the warmth!
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Janay lingerie SS 2016, Serendipity

Janay SS16: Lingerie Inspired with Natural Beauty

The most precious moments are the moments when we find inspiration and glory without making any special search. Janay, the founder of Janay brand, has got her best ideas from the pure beauty of nature and crystallized them in tender magnetic design of Serendipity collection.

The suspender looks as if one could turn roses into the thinnest yarn and finest lace, tissuing the memories of a summer walk in a scented garden. The form, the color and the substance are adorable. And the photos of the collection perfectly convey the feel of silk on your skin. Read More