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"No metal can touch you": Короткая и стильная жизнь подтяжек для носков

“No metal can touch you”: The short and stylish life of socks garters

Let’s go back to the time when the dropped sock or bare ankle was incompatible with the image of a real gentleman. From 1880 to 1960, the socks of most men, at least in England, the United State, and France, were saved from falling by unique garters. “So I have enough inferiority complex to let my socks fall. How can you be confident, if you cross your feet and show naked skin? “- says Peter McManus, one of the characters of the movie “Down With Love!”, which unfolds in 1962. What his opponent replies is that due to new inventions such as lycra, marlon, and dacron, garters are no longer needed since socks are perfectly kept on the feet without this accessory. Read More

[Вещь недели] Боди румынского бренда Roufe

[Item Of The Week] Romanian brand Roufe bodysuit

The “Item of the week” column includes things that are not ordinary in design, cut, or aesthetics. Items which deserve special attention. The hero of today publication is Romanian brand Roufe bodysuit.

This body is unusual, sharp, delicate and dynamic. It adorned with scarlet ruffles on the sides, similar to modern flowers, which bend around the body to connect at the backside in a red bow or plume.

This is definitely my type of spring lingerie. Read More

Karolina Laskowska и Harlow & Fox выпустили коллаборацию

Karolina Laskowska and Harlow & Fox have released a collaboration

Karolina Laskowska and Harlow & Fox have released a collaboration that combines the Karolina decadent style and the Harlow & Fox range, specializing in 30-38 DD-G sizes.
Aurora lingerie collection is now available online.

All things of the collection are made by hand by Karolina and are limited in stock. There are lace capelet, pasties and quarter cup bra, decorated with lace cap sleeves, and waspies, and harness and many more beautiful boudoir items.