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How to Build up Boudoir Wardrobe? Tips and tricks

When it comes to lingerie, girls mostly face no issues with the selection of basic items, the main function of which is to be comfortable and invisible under the clothes.

But today let’s talk about the assemblage of boudoir look. And here we come down to the lingerie that can no way be hidden under your regular garments. What is such underwear for? First and foremost, it is for your dear self and your own delight. It performs the same functions as party make-up or fashion hairdressing, but in contrast to them boudoir lingerie is something you can afford every day – or night.

Another aspect is the creation of a certain spirit for yourself and your partner. Building this special atmosphere is a kind of prelude to the things you plan to do further on. So invest into your look, and enjoy the payoff or else you’ll get your money back. The atmosphere includes your look.

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Let’s say, you already have a few sets of beautiful lingerie. They are great on their own. My task here is to demonstrate what else you can do with them to make them look irresistible.

! When buying lingerie sets try to purchase a suitable suspender belts.

So, if you have not really many lingerie sets, there are various multipurpose accessories and things that will help you with the great number of looks creation.

Boudoir wardrobe building has its basics. Let’s start with them.

#1Universal minimalistic suspender belt that matches the most of your lingerie sets

It will be your savior if you have not had a habit of buying belt suspenders for your lingerie sets up to this date, or it you have started doing so not long ago. There is really not much to say about the form of such a suspender belt — it should be as simple as possible, without lace. You can find some examples below. As for color, choose it in accordance with your lingerie.

Suspender belt Frames by La Perla

Suspender belt Frames by La Perla
Availiable in 5 colours.

Katarzyna suspender belt with straps by Karolina Laskowska

More complicated veriant — Katarzyna suspender belt with straps by Karolina Laskowska
Price: £85

! Give precedence to the suspender belts with metal garment accessories. They’re more durable.

#2 Simple nude or black stockings to match the suspender belt

Simple stockings is another must-have in your boudoir wardrobe. I’d recommend starting with the universal ones. Purchase the stockings close to your natural skin color or black ones with minimum of bells and whistles.

Later on you will buy something more sophisticated in addition to what you already have. But right now let’s focus on the basis that will match everything.

Gio Reinforced Heel and Toe Nylon Stockings

Gio Reinforced Heel and Toe Nylon Stockings
Price: £10.95
Availiable in 4 colours.

Cervin Capri 10 Stockings

Cervin Capri 10 Stockings
Price: £13.95
Availiable in 2 colours

#3 Corsets

If you love corsets and would like to use them in your boudoir looks, it also makes sense to start with a simple minimalistic corset that allows you to match different styles of stockings, panties and accessories with it.

And then follow your likes and preferences.

#4 A less trivial thing — garters with straps

Tanya Koycheva for Garterblog lingerie model

Cover photo and this photo copyrights. Photographer: Max Burin | Hair/Makeup: Kseniya Sokolova, Fashion Look Studio | Model & Stylist: Tatyana Koycheva | Studio: Inspire

  1. This thing easily turns a simple look into a hot one (see photo above).
  2. It is universal and can be used not only as a boudoir accessory but with over-the-knees and even as a sleeve suspender (a tip from one of Garterblog readers).
  3. You have no chance to buy a wrong size if you order it online.

The best garters I’ve ever seen were the ones from Swan Clothing. They are not silicone-bordered, which means they can be worn multiple different ways. Their width can be adjusted, so you can fit them individually, besides one garter in the pair has a tiny swan on it. Unfortunately the store has been closed long time ago. But I can help you to find some garters with straps (let me know in comments if you are interested).

I should also mention Webbed garters from Bordelle. And even though they can not suspend stockings, they decorate a leg in a similar way. These accessories are attached to the suspender belt by means of a ring. You can also wear them as a decorative element without the suspender belt, for example, ring down over stockings.


#5 Detachable bra straps — another unusual boudoir item

Some of them combine both collar and partially harness. All the variants bring zest and sexual severity into your look.

#6 Accessories for body and lingerie

In my wishlist for accessories there reigns supreme one of my favorite lingerie brands, that was the first to combine jewelry with adorable lingerie — Edge O’ Beyond. The lingerie from thus brand has tiny rings for detaching various chains.

Besides there are accessories that can be used separately from lingerie.

gold-plated Adam chain

A combination of several gold-plated chains to one decoration.Base of this combination — gold-plated Adam chain,

#7 Harnesses

Harness is a thing that can be put on above bra or on a naked body, as well as above the clothes. All that makes this item universal to some extent. It often happens so that the item design dictates the terms of its usage.

#8 Cuffs

Something else

I have decided not to create special groups for these items. You know them well enough, so let’s just mention here.

You can expand your looks with the help of various cuffs, gloves, blindfolds, masks, belts and even luxury ropes (you can use them as a belt or make your own harness).

All these things will contribute to your existing collection and provide numerous ideas for your looks.

The basis is ready. What’s next?

You can create your boudoir looks:

1. With the help of accessories
And we have discussed it above.

2. Around one engaging detail
This can be a top with suspenders, a gorgeous and sophisticated corset, briefs, a playsuit, a boudoir dress – whatever. The main thing about it is that the selected item should dominate and stand out.

For example:

3. Combining multiple textures, fabrics, fancy items
This is the most complicated way. You’ll need a perfect sense of style and besides I’d recommend seeking for inspiration in boudoir divas looks, as well as looking through the works of sylists in photo sets made for the best lingerie brands and fashion magazines.

Latex items and vintage corset

Keira Knightley and Madame Figaro, French Women Love Lingerie

Keira Knightley and Madame Figaro, French Women Love Lingerie

Red leather harness, emerald-greed bra and white lace panties with high waist

Corset over bodysuit

You know, when I feel exhausted I make a home-spa night in the bathroom and then put on my best lingerie. And then, even if I have something to do about the house, I feel so different about it.

Your spirits is something you make yourself.

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