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Aliexpress Pasties Review

Обзор: Накладки на соски с Aliexpress

Sooner or later, as a lingerie lover, I could not help but look to the pasties. I decided to see how pasties look on my breast. Whether we are compatible or not.

The experiment began with Aliexpress. At the end of November I ordered different pasties from different sellers. The first pasties came to me in 20 days. The second I received in a month and a half.

1st order – pasties in the form of the heart with the imitation of thin lace surface.

Aliexpress Pasties Review

Seller’s photo

4 pairs of pasties cost me around $2.1 along with the delivery.

Material: bamboo fiber (from the description on the product page).

What I liked:

  • the pasties are neatly cut out;
  • they are very thin and the “lace” looks good;
  • the center of the pasties is not sticky, only the edges;
  • for 4-5 hours of use, the pasties did not cause irritation and took off easily.

Aliexpress Pasties Review

What I did not like:

  • The patterns on the pasties is different. It seems they cut pasties in a random way. There are no signs of an identical lace patterns inside one pair.
  • The pasties is completely flat. In particular, because of this, they glue pretty badly.
  • Pasties do not peel off very well from the paper layer.
  • The pasties are disposable (it would be nice to write this word in the item description). One-off pasties have one attempt to fulfill their mission. The first pair coped 50 to 50. One sticker was glued normally, and the second immediately began to peel off at the edges and the edges refused to adhere to the chest (a sticky layer of some kind is very weak). It is sad.
  • The seller is misled by selling heart-shaped nipple pasties, and added other forms to the product gallery, which can not be selected when ordering. I decided to order 4 pairs and immediately attached to the order message that I want different forms, but the seller did not even read it and sent the same hearts.
Sometimes the nipple pasties are produced in general without any adhesive layer. In such cases, manufacturers usually advise to use hypoallergenic glue for eyelashes.

I would like to hear the doctor’s opinion on this matter.

Photo Amosova Irina. Model – Koycheva Tatyana special for All rights reserved.
Artistic photos of me and the pasties is here

2nd order – round shape lace pasties with lace ruffle around the edges (Jimmyhank brand).

Для женщин пикантные Соски крышка Кружево круглый экзотические Пирожки Нипер Обложка груди

Seller’s photo

These nipple covers are reusable. Cost me around $2.4 along with the delivery. The adhesive layer is located on the entire inside surface of the product. The lining is quite massive and several times thicker than the lining from the first order pasties.

The downside to me is that the sticky layer is on the entire surface, and not just along the edge, as in the first pasties. I believe that the less the mechanical impact of incomprehensible things and substances on the nipples, the better. Moreover, manufacturers usually do not write the composition of the adhesive layer.

Appearance corresponds to what is shown by the seller.

As for the size – both pairs of pasties are quite large. The size can be estimated in the photo below.

Aliexpress Pasties Review

Сentimeter ruler

Bottom line: I did not like how the second pasties with ruches look exactly on my chest. The first pasties themselves look just normal. I like the way they look with a laconic transparent mesh bra.

And yes, Aliexpress has almost no beautiful nipple covers, just something very simple and “basic”. If you are looking for something interesting and extraordinary, then it is more likely that you will find it in the designers shops like Nearer The Moon, E.L.F Zhou London, Agent Provocateur and so on. Some interesting designs could be found on Etsy.