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[Item Of The Week] Yulia Chulkova Embroidered Tights

[Вещь недели] Колготки с вышивкой Yulia Chulkova

The “Item of the week” column includes things that are not ordinary in design, cut, or aesthetics. Items which deserve special attention. The hero of today publication is Yulia Chulkova tights, embroidered with beads.

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Original and exciting the center of aesthetic pleasure, they completely captured my attention. There are such patterns, by which you do not just pass with a gasp, but stop, turn on the imagination and sink. This is just such a pattern, which caused me a lot of pleasant associations.

The brand designer told that tights geometric ornament is inspired by natural forms and refractions of light in raw crystals.

Embroidery is made manually from a Czech glass bead of black graphite, which sparkles in light with golden, silver and golden hues.

Each tights is individually made: production takes about 2 weeks.

You can buy this tights at the designer’s shop at Etsy or by sending a direct message to the brand’s instagram @yuliachulkova.