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[Lingerie of the week] Lana body by Nearer the Moon

I keep on believing that girls need extremely beautiful things. I.e. they need such things in the lingerie wardrobe, from which we begin to create a look every day. Recently I’ve seen the Lana body by Nearer the Moon and realized: I need to write about it right now. I’ve just hesitated for pretty long which variant to choose.

The first variant is in intense cherry-red. The upper part, which decorates the chest, but not hides it, is made of transparent tulle with the a small scatter of sequins. I would say that the upper part of the body is in The Great Gatsby style, and bottom is in the style of a Bond Girl. And all together, it looks like the organic whole: very exciting. Geometry connects both parts into the naked nudity “drop”.

The second variant of the model is made in black. The upper part is made of transparent polka dot tulle.

As you can see, I have not succeeded in choosing just one thing. Let there be two variants!

The cost of each item is £80.

What do you think about this body and in which cases would you wear it?

Nearer the Moon

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