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Coco de Mer AW17. Luxuriance And A Little Bit Of Voyeurism

Coco de Mer, лукбук коллекции нижнего белья сезона Осень-Зима '17/'18

English boutique Coco de Mer revealed it’s own lingerie collection dedicated to the AW17 season.

Some lines are so exciting. For example, the red Ariane, blossoming on a transparent tulle with roses. It’s all about soft crimson silk touches. Transparent decor here lasts much more than usual (Ariane Kimono). And ouvert details make whole looks so spicy.

Playful and sassy Glycere with tussels, located near the centers of sensuality and sensitivity, is also worth a closer look. Another favourite line from this collection is champagne colourway Angelique, with romantic floral motifs as if drawn in black pen.

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Coco de Mer,  AW17

Some items from the previous Coco de Mer lingerie collections could be found on Asos with big discounts and also in the boutique’s outlet.